The Sperandeo Family [fraser valley family photographer]

What can I say about this family, they were so full of love and happiness it really warmed my heart! I know that sounds cheesy but its 100% true!  This was one of my all time favorite family shoots, and that is saying a LOT because I’ve worked with some amazing families, and because we were attacked by swarms of mosquitos..the whole time!

I always encourage families to be loving and fun during the shoot, let the kids play, and tickle and laugh.. It really creates the perfect moments to capture. The Sperandeo family did just that… And they may have bribed Jackson with some treats afterwards 😉

I love this picture so much.. I just can’t get over how perfect their little smiles are

And just a couple of quick ones of mom and dad! No wonder they have such gorgeous kids, just look at them!  

Thank you so much for asking me to capture your loving family. It was such a pleasure!

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