Still pregnant.

so… I’m still pregnant.


14 days longer then I’ve been pregnant before.

I’ve really been enjoying the last two weeks, I’ve been feeling like they are just bonus time to take in my little Imp

Park date? Library story time?  Bike Rides ? Or course!  So thankful that I’ve made it to full term, but now that my due date is tomorrow, I’m ready to meet this babe..

Baby Kimonos

Give me a break, can these be any cuter. We used them all the time with M! I loved the West Coast Baby kimonos, and was lucky enough to photograph some of their product when we had our first babe.  These were so easy to put on, no pulling anything over that cute little newborn head, and BONUS- they open so that you can have skin to skin every time you nurse


Nose Frida



Not into being up all night with your snotty, poor, sick little baby? These are SO much better than the those gross bulb sucker things (have you seen the inside of one of those, gross)!


Phil and Ted double stroller kit


We bought this stroller when we first had the Imp, and to be perfectly honest it served us almost exclusively as  a “throw crap in it” accessory. It was so much easier to just throw M  in a wrap or carrier. But, we live downtown now, and we’re within walking distance of all the good stuff (restaurants, library, park, water, antique shops … you know, the essentials)  I have a feeling this summer we are going to need some extra room to “throw crap in” on our downtown adventures. 

Cloth Diapers


We used cloth with M, and I loved not having to throw away all those diapers that are going to sit in a landfill forever. The only time M got diaper rash is when we used regular disposable diapers. No diapers left? Just throw on another load of laundry and listen to that hum of the dryer. I didn’t do a ton of research before we started, Apple cheeks were our pick and they worked our fabulously. But I think I’d prefer to use either Flip Diapers or Button Diaper this time around. Apple Cheeks are pocket diapers, and you need to change the cover more frequently. The flip and button diapers are just covers that you can reuse a few times and just change out the insert.

Here a good breakdown on cost of pockets vs flips

In all seriousness,  all this baby really needs is my boobs and some cloth diapers… But it is kinda fun to shop a little and get excited about another little imp joining our family.

now off I go.. Amazon and I have a date.


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