Sail away with me honey [fraser valley photographer]

Whenever I come back to Canada it is always awesome, but so busy. This week was no exception.

I had 2 weddings, 5 portrait shoots, and 1 meeting, in 6 Days..


Needless to say, I am a bit exhausted. Brian came up for the weekend and we headed over to my parents house for a visit, and our very first boat ride on there new sailboat! It has always been my dads dream to own a sailboat, and finally, now that us rotten kids are long gone, they were able to buy one!

We arrived at the boat with some delicious food, an ipod, and some gravol for my poor mom. The sun was shinning  (& everyone knows how much I love the sun) so it had to be a good day!

My dad in his glory!

Mom looking cute

Brian just loves to get his picture taken.

Stop judging me and my crazy hair.. We were on a boat OK! SHEESH

I love these two pictures, so funny!  My moms first and second attempt at capturing a photo of me!

Momsie looking at gorgeous as ever!

Our favorite family, the Weymann’s!

And a little video for my sister! We miss you Elise!!


Happy Monday Everyone!!


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