Newborn Photography

If you’re looking to capture your newish addition, look no further. We’ve got some beautiful options for you to photograph your beautiful family. In Studio, At Home, Or Fresh48/Just Born (in hospital or at home).

With three basic session types to document this unique moment in your baby’s life- IN STUDIO, AT HOME, JUST BORN. Some people are more comfortable going to a studio for a photo shoot, while others prefer the photographer to come to them. Whether it’s in your home, my studio, or at the hospital, we’re sure to create some beautiful images together.

Below are some examples and descriptions of all three sessions

In Studio \\ $525

Shot at The Studio downtown Mission BC.  The session will be 2-2.5 hours long, and led by your baby. We stop of feeds, snuggles, and diaper changes. The Studio is stocked with diapers, wipes, nursing pillow, family seating area, coffee and tea bar.

The Studio will be nice and warm so that we can do some naked or diaper only shots, and babe will be nice and comfortable. I lean towards a lot of white/neutral backgrounds, and wraps. I find that the baby and will pop off the backdrop and really be the shining start of the image.

Family shots are no an extra charge, in fact they are my absolute favourite to shoot. The love that’s captured is perfection.

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions \\ $525

Lifestyle Sessions are those that are shot in the comfort of your own home, focusing on the relationship between your brand new baby and the rest of the family, capturing unposed candid images that show things as they are. Lifestyle Sessions involve both baby individually, nursery, and baby with parents and siblings. I recommend these types of sessions take place within the first 3 weeks after birth, but they can be shot later if necessary. They do not require as much time as posed sessions, they typically they last anywhere between 1-2 hours, but normally produce a larger gallery of images than the studio sessions.

Just Born/ Fresh 48 \\ $525

This is perfect way to capture the rawness and beauty of your new child. They are shot in hospital within 48 hours of birth, (or at home if you’ve had a homebirth/really short hospital stay). If you aren’t interested in Birth Photography but still want that raw and beautiful first day or two,  this could be a beautiful option for you.


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