Good Friday, Hot Crossed Buns, and a Forgotten Passport[Fraser Valley Photographer]

Easter has always been one of my absolute favorite holidays. It often falls right around my birthday, the sun is finally out, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Good Friday at our house always consisted of a day off for the family, usually a sports tournaments (whether it was soccer, baseball or basketball) for us girls.

And the best part about Good Friday? We always had hot crossed buns, not matter what.  Tradition.  After being diagnosed with Celiacs Disease lots of “Traditions” have had to be broken. Thankfully I found an amazing Gluten Free Bakery in Portland that sells them. And before I made the trek up to my parents yesterday, I picked some up. They may not be the fluffy ones that I remembered, but they’re better than nothing.


In other news, while driving up to Canada from Portland, I stupidly forgot my passport…. my passport.. yes, I am that dumb! I realized when I hit Seattle that I had forgotten it, and decided not to turn back, hoping that they would be kind to a poor forgetful Canadian. I was running through all the scenarios in my head, picturing myself stuck with  the customs agents, looking down at me, and speaking with that stern voice they always do. Me crying. It wasn’t going to be pretty..


Thankfully they were sympathetic. The nice Border Guard let me through, but warned I would never get back into the U.S.A without one. How could I have forgotten my PASSPORT  you ask? I seriously don’t know.


Happy Good Friday everyone.. Enjoy that day off, cup of tea, hot crossed buns, and sunshine.. And always remember your passport.

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  • Rose DykstraApril 22, 2011 - 4:28 pm

    I hear ya, my husband is gluten-free and it hurts ME not to be able to feed him yummy bread and things! Wow! You were very fortunate, I have found generally no empathy from those guys =)ReplyCancel

  • Michelle SmidApril 22, 2011 - 5:08 pm

    Wow! That is SO nice they let you through without a guilt trip and wagging a finger! Will bring your passport with me when I come up.ReplyCancel

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