Brianna & Joel [abbotsford wedding photographer]

This engagement session was so fun!

First of all because Brianna and Joel are a seriously awesome couple. They booked me without a meeting,

so their engagement session was the first time we met. I could definitely

picture hanging out with them outside of work (I love when that happens)!


The second reason it was so awesome was because my wonderful husband came out to help.

He had never been to a shoot before, but it worked out that he was on a break from school

and could hold reflectors, pass me stuff, and just be so dang cute!


What a stud! You two are going to have ridiculously cute babies!

Doesn’t Brianna totally look like a celebrity! Katie Holmes, watch out! Brianna thinks she isn’t photogenic.. Seriously.. She is obviously insane.

Nice choice on the beautiful ring Joel!


I’m super pumped for the big day you two love birds! I hope you love your engagement photos as

much as I do!




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