Brenda Mike & Kids [fraser valley family photographer]

Remember this family..

The family of three. Well, it is now a family of five !!

This is the third time that I’ve done photos with this beautiful family, and it has been amazing watching their family grow! They started their family with a beautiful girl Tianna but after a while Mike said things were a little too quiet around the house. Mike also said that he didn’t like odd numbers.

There you go. Too quiet, and no odd numbers.

A few years later off they went for an Ultrasound and found out they were having TWINS!!

A boy and a girl.. How perfect.. But still an odd number!

When I arrived to the shoot last week, and Brenda stepped out of the car, a noticed a little baby bump, but assumed it was because she just gave birth to twins! Nope, she looked at me and said “didn’t you hear.. We’re pregnant again”!

The twins are 6 months old, and Brenda is now 4 months pregnant! 3 kids in one year, nice work!!

Mikayla is just like Brenda, they are both so smiley!

Mathew is just like Mike, a little more quite, but warm at heart!

Can you imagine, such a big beautiful family! I love it!

What wrong Mike? Thinking about your old quiet life..

Motherly love!

Mike and Tianna have such a cute relationship! Such a perfect father daughter combo!

There you go Mike. You got your wish, say goodbye to that quiet time, and don’t worry, 6 isn’t an odd number!

And my personal favorite!

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