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I have to admit, I thought Alicia’s email was spam when I first read it. The greatest last name of all time, and the nicest family,  The Awesome’s came out and to Mission from for their maternity session. The Midwives from Mission Midwifery  had referred me when they knew Alicia and Josh searching for a newborn+maternity photographer, after their regular photographer wasn’t available. Well, I’m so happy they did because this family was so much fun.

After we finished their maternity/family session, I hadn’t heard from them for a few weeks, and then one day had an email from dad Josh announcing that baby Bodhi was born! I joined them in their home in Maple Ridge to photograph their lifestyle newborn session.

At home lifestyle sessions are such a great way to capture a new baby, and a happy family. They allow for everyone to be much more relaxed, they let the toddler roam and play in his own toys, mom to lay in bed, rest and feed baby all morning, and allow new baby to nap as much as she want’s. Not only are they less stress for the whole family, but they allow me to capture your true family, in a natural, absolutely beautiful way. I highly recommend them to everyone who books a session with me.


Amanda, Jeff are the talented husband and wife team behind Minimocs. I met them one afternoon at the fabulous Oldhand Coffee House, in Abbotsford B.C. (if you haven’t checked out Oldhand yet, do)! We dreamed and wrote out our vision for this lifestyle promotional session, and then, it was time to find our models. These kids, they were so cute. I couldn’t get enough of their smiles, and personalities. It was so fun to watch their proud parents smile and watch from behind me, and encourage their kids in their first modelling  job.

I have to be honest here, at first, I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about with mocs, I mean, they’re super cute, but my crazy kids run around naked half the time, when were they going to wear these adorable shoes? Well, let me tell you, I was wrong, way wrong. Sadie our 13 month old goes to the shoe room and picks them out every day to bring to us. Every day. She’s ONE. Anytime I go try to put anything else on her, she rips them off, walks over and grabs her minimocs. That’s got to mean, that not only are they adorable, they must be really comfortable.

So many talented designers were involved in this session, here’s the list

Moccasins and Happy Camper Tees- Mini Mocs (website) (facebook) (IG)

Shoot Location- Oldhand Coffee House- (website) (facebook) (IG)

Cloud tee- Whistle and Flute (website) (facebook) (IG)

Leggings -Vonbon Apparel (website) (facebook) (IG)

Black Harem Pants- Carly Megan Clothing (website) (facebook) (IG)

No Limits & Eat Pay Love Tee- The Modern Fort (website) (facebook) (IG)

Green Flamingo Kimono- Little and Lively (website) (facebook) (IG)

Minimoc have been kind enough to offer one of our lucky blog readers a new pair of Moccasins!! Head on down to the bottom of this blog to enter!

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xoxo Michelle

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I knew I was going to love this family when I got a confirmation email from Kat, that went a little like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.53.23 PM copy

So basically, Kat and I were best friends after that one message, and I couldn’t wait to meet them in real life! Unfortunately, our session time was delayed, there had been a bad accident on the highway, and they were stuck in traffic. Even with a 3o minute delay, we were able to capture some beautiful shots, before the sun went down.

We met at Suicide Creek in Mission, BC. and then the second set of images were shot while we were “accidentally” trespassing on a private farm. Bonus, we met some nice farmers!


Abbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_5877 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_5888 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_5944 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_5952 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_5997 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6014 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6080 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6106 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6192 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6264 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6298 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6330 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6334 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6368 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6512 copy

Abbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6398 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6567 copyAbbotsford Family Photographer Michelle CervoIMG_6587 copy




It was such a pleasure shooting Katelyn and Nathans Maternity session, I wish that I would have blogged it sooner, but life’s craziness got in the way. My husband Brain started a practice at a Chiropractic clinic in Mission, and I’m working on some marketing for them, we moved, shooting lots of sessions, and well, being a MOM. I figured that I should blog this session, before I blog their sweet, at home newborn session! I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful Amelia last week, and can’t wait to share.


MissionBCbabyphotograper4 copyMissionBCbabyphotographer1 copyMIssionBCbabyphotographer9881MissionBCbabyphotographer5MissionBCbabyphotographerMissionBCbabyphotographer9764

Katelyn is an amazing personal trainer, and instructor. Everyone that I’ve spoken with, absolutely loves her classes and training sessions. She is so encouraging and wonderful. After she’s finished her maternity leave, make sure to check her out, I have a feeling she’s going to be busy!


I’ve known the beautiful Justine for years. She grew up on the same street as my husband Brian, and went to high school with me,  so our families are connected in a few different ways.  I remember hearing that Justine was pregnant from her mom Angela. She walked over to our house, with a giant smile on her face, her beaming ‘I’m going to be a grandmother’ smile, and announced that Justine and Dave were expecting. Angela had nothing but good things to say about Justines partner Dave, but I had yet to meet him. 

So fast forward a few months, and I get an email from Justine asking to schedule a maternity and newborn session. I love being able to capture these special moments for friends, and family friends. And, extra bonus, I got to meet the infamous Dave. They make such a nice couple, both, visibly excited for the next new adventure in their lives.

Maternity sessions have an extra special place in my heart, especially for first time parents. I remember when I was pregnant for the first time with our little Madeleine Sophia. The days couldn’t pass fast enough, the anticipation of meeting our baby for the first time, the new roller coaster ride of parenthood. So much unknown and so much excitement.

MissionBCphotographerIMG_0253 copyMissionBCphotographerIMG_0151 copy

MissionBCphotographerIMG_0153 copyMissionBCphotographerIMG_0152 copyMissionBCphotographerIMG_0263 copy


xoxo Michelle

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