Birth Photography

Birth photography isn’t a new thing. Many dads, grandmas, and friends have gone behind the scenes to capture the event, but professional birth photography is quite new, and quite AMAZING.

My interest in birth photography began after the birth of our two daughters.  Having two very different birthing experiences, I can relate to both a home birth, and a hospital birth, and the beautiful experience that they both offer. We had an amazing photographer capture the birth of our second daughter, and how I wish we captured the birth of my first as well.

Welcoming a baby into the world is something that cannot be easily described. The joys and the frustrations, the tears and the laughter. Those first breathes are the most amazing things you could ever imagine. Let me capture the first breathes, the joys and the relief. The first time you hold your child, dads smile and admiration, grandmas pride. Let your support team come out from behind the camera, and be there to help you birth, and let me take a behind the scenes, photo journalistic view of the birthing process. Creating beautiful, tasteful images, that you’ll be proud to show your family and friends (yes, even your dad). I will not be there to tell you how to pose, how to turn etc. I’m there to capture the true beauty of the labouring/ birthing experience. My midwife once told me, a woman in labour is the most beautiful they will ever be, and I agree completely.


 The Whole Story

 I will join you in active labour to capture the story of your birth. The back rubs from your partner, the ice chips, the tears of joy. You call me when you’re in active labour (around 6cm depending on the speed and progress) and I will meet you at the birthing location, whether that is at home or at the hospital. From the first breathes, hard work, and relief. I will be there to capture your story with photographs.  While you welcome the baby, baby gets weighed, skin to skin, and breastfeeding.  As well as when family and siblings arrive.  Up to two hours after birth.


Every Moment Captured

Are you looking for this special occasion to be captured from the start? Maternity, Birth, Newborn, they are all so special! Don’t miss a moment.

Maternity Session ($475value)

The Whole Story($1650)

Your choice of a Fresh 48 session, Lifestyle at Home, or  Newborn Session ($525value)

$2200 ($2650 value)


All packages include

An in person meeting/consultation regarding your expectations, and your level of comfort

A 24 hour on-call service for the weeks surrounding your due date

The time photographer will spend at your birthing space

 An online gallery of your edited images

A link to downloadable images

A personal print release, giving you permission to print the images as you wish (for personal use)




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