Babies, Babies, Visits, Weddings.. [fraser valley family photographer]

You know those days when you think that life could NEVER be more fantastic.. Well last week, I had one of those weeks!

We announced our pregnancy

Jacq and Britt, two of my best Canadian friends came down to Portland or a visit

Two of my best Portland  friends had babies

Alisa and Will got married

Take a little peek


This beautiful woman…..

had this beautiful baby…..

This happy couple welcomed baby Claire to the family (photos to come, they are still resting up in hospital)

Alisa and Will tied the knot!! It was so beautiful

Don’t worry, you can expect a LOT more photos in the coming weeks, but for now…  I’m going to go celebrate this amazing week by taking a break, and resting by the pool!

Enjoy the sunshine friends!

Are you on FACEBOOKTWITTER, or YOUTUBE? If you aren’t you should be and if you are, LETS BE FRIENDS!!

UPDATED:: OOPS, I forgot to mention we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary!! Love you Brian!




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