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Wow, where to start with sweet baby Goldie. I think I will forever remember her birth, the beauty and fast & furious arrival had me high on adrenaline for days. More on that in a different post.

Goldie was born just after midnight, and I came back to photograph her Just Born Sessions that morning. It was absolute perfection, watching Mom, Dad, and Nana soak her in and Monroe enter into her role as a big sister.



This wonderful family came through for us when we needed a painter to paint the bathroom at The Studio and I can’t thank them enough! I couldn’t take the yellow walls in the bathroom any longer (why for the love of all that’s holy would you paint a bathroom yellow) and even though they were swamped, they made time on a Saturday. You can contact them HERE if you’re in need of a bigger project, and cross your fingers that they can make time!

Anyway, I had the pleasure of capturing them on a sunny evening in Fort Langley at Derby Reach , it was a beautiful night and the kids were so much fun. My only complaint would be the university long distance marathoners that were training, shirts off  looking very fit and put together, while I sat waiting in my car drinking a large ice coffee with cream…..


One of my main hold ups with blogging is knowing what to write. Finding the words to truly describe the wonderful families that I capture, I worry about sounding insincere, or cheesy.  It’s funny, because  in “real-life”  you can’t get me to shut up.

Anyway, y’all  (I’m watching Fixer Upper) don’t care about my words, you care about images. So without further ado, the Grewal Family.




Oh this sweet family, from the moment they all go out of the car, I knew we’d have so much fun.  They were carefree, and just wanted to have a fun afternoon with the girls.

I cannot stress this point enough, having fun at a session is our goal. Getting beautiful images, that’s just the bonus from an enjoyable, stress free (or minimal stress) session. Those genuine laughs, tummy tickles, gentle cuddles, and soft chubby hand holding, those are the everyday moments that I aim to capture.

Now, enough about that, let’s see the images! You may recognize these sweet twins from Once Upon a Time (Season 5), or, if you’re like me, you’re about 4 seasons behind in any show (or up to date on some after a few binge watching weekends).

F a c e b o o k